Addicted from the First Spin

Everyone starts out as a student, including our instructors. Everyone has to start somewhere and getting through the door is the hardest part. You’ll be addicted from your first spin!

An international reputation, the area’s best polers, and positive energy is what Pole Pressure has every day. Our goal as a studio is to continue to offer elements that you can’t find anywhere else. ‘Wow!’ is a word we like to hear regularly.

Our instructors are extremely personable, and you will enjoy our services. We take you as our number one priority and we enjoy our studio being your favorite place to hang out and workout.


About Jessalynn, Owner

Jessalynn Medairy is a 9-year veteran of the art of Pole fitness. She is the founder and brand ambassador of “Pole Pressure”, a License Program with the focus of Pole and aerial fitness. Instructing and creating an impact in the Pole world are Jessalynn’s day-to-day goals. She has choreographed numerous routines for others and herself, placing and winning today’s modern competitions. Instructing at numerous Pole Pressure locations is her full-time job. She is the owner of the flagship studio in Downtown DC and her second location in Ellicott City, MD; she continues to teach between both locations each week. Jessalynn continues to educate herself in Pole by taking workshops, private lessons and training with the highest caliber of Pole competitors and performers; Jessalynn acknowledges she ‘will always be a student in an endless education’.

She is also the founder and developer of the Pole Pressure License Program and the ‘University Training’, which helps to expand the Pole Pressure brand both by Licensing and instruction. Jessalynn was also the founder and former owner of The International Pole Convention, a traveling annual Pole event consisting of a full weekend of performances, seminars, workshops, vendors and parties.

When Jessalynn is not found in a studio teaching or training, she enjoys building home décor, cooking, and playing with her bulldog, Brick.


Top 12 Of The First Pole Fitness Championships At The US Arnold- February 2014

Top Female: Pro Category Of The Super Shag Pole Fitness Championships- September 2013

3-Time Competitor in the USPDF Pole Fitness Championships: Pro Competitor


1 Italian Pole Tour: 2010

4 UK Pole Tours: 2008-2010

2-Time Feature Performer In The UK ‘Pole Unity’ Show: 2007 & 2008


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