Dream Big!!

Become a Pole Pressure Licensee!!

Be your own boss and enjoy the perks of hosting your own classes. This is the first step to creating a whole new career or part time job for yourself. By becoming a Licensee, you’ll receive:

  • The right to use the ‘Pole Pressure’ logo to promote your classes
  • Get to host your own trained staff
  • Build your own schedule
  • Have your location listed on

To find out more details about this exciting opportunity email


and the best part is, it’s….

$0 A MONTH!!

To begin this amazing opportunity, here’s what you need to know:

  • Complete Stage 1 Training
  • Complete the ‘Trademark Contract’
  • You can sign up for your trademark before training a receive a discount on the one-time payment



Register HERE

If you’re not ready to start the license at the start of training, you can purchase Stage 1 Training and pay $950 for your license at a later time.

Your license is valid up to 2 years from the date of signing. To keep your license active beyond the first 2 years, you’ll have to request a renewal. The trademark renewal is $399 for 2 more years of use and each 2 years after.

Your Stage 1 training is valid up to 2 years after the certification date. To keep your certificate active, you’ll have to take the ‘Training Renewal’ or ‘Stage 2 Training’ no later than 6 months after the certificate expiration. ‘Training Renewal’ costs $199 and will last one day (6-8 hours).

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