Downtown DC

1322 14th St NW Second Floor Washington, DC 20005

Welcome to Pole Pressure in Downtown DC!

This is the landmark Pole Pressure studio and one of the most well known Pole fitness training centers on the east coast. This studio is open 7 days a week for classes, practice time and aerial training. Our instructors come from various professional dance and fitness backgrounds and are Pole Pressure trained.

NEW CLIENT December Special: 5 Classes For $49 PURCHASE

1 drop in class= $30 PURCHASE

10 classes= $225 PURCHASE

Limited Monthly Membership= $145 a month (unlimited pole classes) PURCHASE

Premier Monthly Membership= $175 a month (unlimited pole classes + alternative classes (ie contortion, handstand, yoga, aerial hoop, deep stretch, etc)) PURCHASE

Competitor Monthly Membership (all classes on the schedule + a weekly private lesson)= $299 a month PURCHASE

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Ready to Party Pole Pressure Style?

Socializing and instruction for your party! You’ll learn chair moves, the art of the striptease, and sexy spins on the pole!

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