14414 Jefferson Davis Hwy Woodbridge, VA 22191

Welcome to Pole Pressure in Woodbridge!

Located directly off of Jefferson Davis Hwy in the International Center. We’re directly behind Popeyes and across the street from Planet Fitness. We provide aerial fitness classes 7 days a week. View our Class Schedule HERE

What to Wear

Whatever you feel comfortable in, however shorts are encouraged for all pole classes. Normally we dance barefoot, but feel free to wear heels (must have an ankle strap).


Drop In Rate  = $25 Purchase HERE

Limited Month to Month Membership (unlimited pole classes) = $125 a month  Purchase HERE 

Unlimited Month to Month Membership (unlimited pole + alternative classes) (yoga, african dance, pilates, aerial hoop, aerial yoga, aerial hammock, hula hoop, and flexibility training) = $150 a month Purchase HERE

5 Class Pack = $120 Purchase HERE

10 Class Pack = $220 Purchase HERE

20 classes = $400 Purchase HERE

Private Pole Parties

Celebrating a special event? Want to host a private class for just you and your friends? Then book a private pole party. Details on party, pricing, and booking can be found HERE


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private parties


Ready to Party Pole Pressure Style?

Socializing and instruction for your party! You’ll learn chair moves, the art of the striptease, and sexy spins on the pole!

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