Phoenix Kazree Comes To DC

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Phoenix Kazree has been one of our most requested workshop hosts and we are very excited to have her back!! She has hosted many workshops with us and urge you to take every one of them.Watch Phoenix here:

All Levels
Counts, lyrics, instruments, beats, and more. Dancing to counts of 8 and the words to the song are just the basics. Learn to dig deeper into your music. Break down your song and learn to hear more than the obvious rhythms. Take your improvisation and choreographic process to the next level. It should seem as if the song was composed for your dance. Let’s try to mask the reality of you creating movement to the song.

All Levels
This workshop is geared to those who are wanting to perform. Learn what it takes to create a cohesive routine. Melt your pole passes into your floor work and perform your pole tricks as powerful as the material off the pole. Don’t lose the focus of the audience with a choppy routine.


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