Dogtown Dance Theatre First floor 109 W 15th St Richmond, VA

Please email schannon@polepressure.com or text 540-319-0056 between 9am – 6pm for more information .



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At the end of that week, take advantage of even more savings by getting a 3 month membership for just $99/month! (regular price $145)

Fine print details:
*must be 18 or older
*7 days of unlimited classes starts after first visit
*3 month membership must be purchased in person

Want to come with a friend? No problem! And while we do welcome groups, those must book a private event. We can not allow large groups into our regularly-scheduled classes.




5 Class Pack: $120

10 Class Pack: $225

20 Class Pack: $425

Unlimited membership: $145 a month


We have class almost every day of the week, so you’re sure to find something to fit your schedule!

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We’d love to help you celebrate your next event!

Booking fee: $120
The booking fee is a non-refundable fee to hold your date and time for your private event. It is due at the time of booking your event; it is not a deposit, nor does it go toward the per person charge for the guests at your party.

Per guest charge:
The per person charge is due on the day of the party before the event starts and is based on the number of guests attending – whether actively participating or not. In order to maximize your party time, we ask that one person be in charge of collecting the monies ahead of time or that one card be charged.

1-16 guests: $20 per person
Parties with more than 16 guests must be approved ahead of time, and there will be additional charges.

We require a six-person minimum for private events.


my split

Schannon happened upon the pole fitness craze back in 2009 when she was looking for a fun way to get in shape with a toddler at home.  Before long she became addicted to the thrill of learning a new spin or
move!  Schannon loves sharing this feeling with new students and seeing current students progress toward their own goals – whether its gaining more confidence or mastering the latest trick.  Schannon began competing in 2012, and she serves as the secretary general for the United States Pole Sport Federation.

Second, masters division, Pole Art Greece*
*Qualified for World Pole Art in Turin, Italy, 2018

Finalist in the World Pole Cup, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (April 1-2)

Fourth, Arnold Pole Championships, masters division
First, masters division – level 4, Atlantic Pole Championships
Second, masters division, North American Pole Dance Championships
Second, masters division – level 4, Nationals (Pole Sport Organization)

Opened Pole Pressure in Richmond

Third, senior division – level 4, Atlantic Pole Championships
Top 10 finalist: masters division, North American Pole Dance Championships
Second, Supershag Pole Championships

Top 10 finalist: masters division, North American Pole Dance Championships
First, round 2, Head Over Heels
Third, Head Over Heels finals


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Socializing and instruction for your party! You’ll learn chair moves, the art of the striptease, and sexy spins on the pole!

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