The Pole Legend Comes To DC

anastasia bannerAnastasia Skukhtorova workshops will be held at the Downtown DC studio on September 17th. Spots are filling up fast!

Get a reduced rate when you book both of Anastasia’s workshops. Let’s face it, why wouldn’t you take both of them?! She’s here all the way from Moscow.
Take both workshops for ONLY $135!! CLICK HERE
Power Pole – 75 mins (Advanced)

In this workshop we will work more with power. Different kind of dead lifts, reverse elbow grips, forearm and arm handstands and smooth transitions into them. All elements you can perform on spinning or static poles. In just a couple of tricks you will need to have flexibility or splits. For the rest, you don’t need to be super flexible to attend this workshop. If you will repeat all these exercises minimum 4 times a week you will see a big difference after one-two months. You will become stronger.

Pole Flow – 75 mins (Beginners – Intermediates)

This workshop is made for beginners and intermediate level. We will learn beautiful graceful dance transitions around the pole, floor and how to smoothly get from one pole to another.

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