What do I wear to class?

Whatever you feel comfortable in, however shorts are encouraged for pole classes. Feel free to bring a pair of leggings, knee socks, and/or knee pads for floorwork in pole classes. You should NOT wear ANY lotion on your hands and legs the day of your pole class. Sweating will release the lotion back to the surface, and you will be sliding off the pole. Normally we dance barefoot, but feel free to wear heels (must have an ankle strap). Leggings are encouraged for all other classes (aerial arts, flexibility, and grounded movement). Please remove all jewelry when attending any class. Wearing jewelry during class WILL damage our equipment.

What to bring?

A positive attitude and a mindset that you'll leave the studio feeling stronger, healthier, and amazing. We have yoga mats, blocks, and straps available for use during class, but feel free to bring your own. Water, Gatorade, and Protien Bars are on sale at the studio.

What is open practice?

Self guided open practice time in the studio. The studio will have poles, aerial hoop, aerial fabric, mats, blocks, straps and bands available to train on. During open practice there is no formal instruction. Use this time to develop and fine tune your own practice.

I have no pole dancing experience which classes should I start with?

Every day we have at least 2 classes on the schedule that are excellent for beginners. Look for pole and aerial arts classes labeled beginner, level 1, 1 + 2 and any flexibility and grounded movement classes.

Help!? I have no upper body strength!

No problem. Our classes teach an equal balance of conditioning drills and technique that will allow you to build that amazing upper body strength in no time.

I just started class and I'm slipping a lot - what can I do to help?

Keep coming to class! Your grip strength will improve with continued practice. However if you feel like you need some assistance we have several types of grip aids on sale in the studio

Is there a weight limit?

We only use high quality studio grade aerial equipment (pole, hoop, silks) that are designed for men and women of all ages, sizes, shapes and levels

What are the class sizes?

Class sizes vary depending on the specific class. Our studio has 12 poles and each client has their own pole. Our 90-minute classes might have 2 clients per pole.

I'm not new to pole but new to Pole Pressure where should I start?

We always recommend starting with our beginner classes, since no studio teaches anything the same. If you feel like you need more of a challenge check out our class descriptions to find a class that best aligns with you goal. Still need help selecting the right classes contact the studio for help.

Should I sign in advance for classes?

Yes! Our classes fill up at least 1 -2 weeks in advance. We recommend scheduling your classes as soon as you know your availability. If no spot is available sign up on the waitlist and you'll be notified via your contact information on file if space opens up in the class. Once your added into the class via the waitlist your held to the same class cancellations policy.

Can you teach me how to be sexy?

Sexiness is a by product of confidence. We will teach you movements that will build your confidence which will allow your inner sexiness to shine through.