Khristena M.

A Howard University Alumni, former Redskins Cheerleader, Dance Coordinator for the Howard University Marching and Ooh La La Dancers; Khristena is an international entertainer, entrepreneur, and emerging costume designer. She's performed around the world on military tours with Air Force Entertainment (AFE) and USO Entertainment in countries including: India, various countries in Europe (Germany, Italy, Bosnia, Belgium, London), Southeast Asia, Jordan, Afghanistan, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kyrgyzstan, and in the Caribbean Islands (Dominican Republic and Aruba). As a local competitive aerial artist, pole fitness instructor, and CEO of a custom performance costume line called Eulalia Designs, she makes custom performance costumes for dance teams and individuals. Khristena has been a Pole Pressure instructor since 2011 teaching Pole, Chair, and Pole Body Extreme. Check out Khristena's teaching schedule HERE