October 2018 Student of the Month: Christina


When did you start your pole journey?
Uhm...sometime in 2013? Has it really been that long?!

Why did you decide to try pole dancing?
I did a lot of biking and running and gyming and was bored. I wanted to do something that forced my body to move in different ways and missed being around creative people. So I asked the internet and somehow decided that aerial hoop looked fun and found a class at Pole Pressure. But when I tried an aerial hoop class it was painful and nauseating and not the magical circus fun I had in mind. Since I was stuck with a class pack I signed up for pole instead and it was so fun and beautiful and challenging to figure out how to move around the pole and be upside down and make shapes. I didn't actually go back to hoop classes for a few years and now they alternate being my favorite apparatuses.

What do you love most about pole dancing?
I love that there is no end state other than to move around and up and down the pole and you can find a million different ways to do that depending on the weather, mood, music, skill level...anything!  Even when it is frustrating because it is a bad day and things are not working, there is always something in class to noodle on and make into a small thing. And that is pretty awesome.

Why do you love Pole Pressure?
The encouraging, passionate, hilarious and magical people here! And there is nothing better than watching a happy dance or a shimmy break out when someone figures a thing out. Or for no reason at all. There are few places with the energy of this studio and when I am away I can't wait to be back!

What are some of your goals for this year?
Work travel has owned my life and I just want to be able to come to pole classes and open pole consistently again so I stop starting over where I left off a couple of years ago and get my confidence for more advanced things back!!!! I also bought a really long spanset for my lyra and am very excited to start playing with that and work on hoop handstands and see what kinds of weirdness there is to be found.