Little Pole of Horrors



Skid Row (Downtown) - Student Troupe: Amilia, Zeria, Nadia Taye, Nikki F, Allison Chase, Sarah, Ruonan J, Brittoney G, Deanna W

Grow for Me - Dissent

Some Fun Now - Masha

Dentist! - Kayla Tarlton

Feed Me (Git It) - Vanessa

Suddenly Seymour  - Sarah

The Meek Shall Inherit - Ms. Candace

Suppertime - Sarah Vann

Mean Green Mother From Outerspace - Instructor Troupe: Yulika, Kayla Tarlton, Annastasia Irinovna

Finale - Entire Cast

Special Thanks To: Sarah H (Student Troupe Choreographer); Angela (Narration); Nick (Music); Stage Manager/Pole Cleaners: (Zack, Andrew, Amy),

Pole Pressure DC