January 2019 Student of the Month: Laura


When did you start your pole journey?
April 2015

Why did you decide to try pole dancing?
Honestly, it started as a joke. My best friend and I had been working out together and were bored of running the track near where we had been living (as well as Blogilates and some other fitness activities). I had been a soccer player and dancer for about 15 years, and after college it was hard to find a place for "adults" where I felt comfortable in the community. I came in thinking, "Yeah! I'm strong, this will be easy!" - joke was on me because while I had lifted weights, that came nothing close to lifting up my own body weight. We came for the free day of classes and ended up staying for 3 hours - I've been here ever since.

What do you love most about pole dancing?
I love dancing, and adding the extra element of pole just adds to it. Also my childhood dream of being a gymnast never happened, and at least for now this is the closest I'm going to get!

Why do you love Pole Pressure?
The people! I joined in on the Pride float in 2017 (was unfortunately unable to attend in 2018, and was too nervous to join previously!) and that was one of the moments where I knew Pole Pressure really had a sense of community. Other polers from other studios joined with no questions asked, and people who I'd see only once or twice a month showed up to support/throw beads/strut their stuff. Talk about community! Plus my Mom showed up to see the float/say hi - and everyone was so welcoming and excited to see a parent (I know there are still a number of people in the pole-closet to their families) - it meant the world that everyone was just as excited to see her as she was to see and meet them!

What are some of your goals for this year?
I'm training for APC and my main goal is to prevent injuries this year with more stretching/foam rolling/after care than last year (my hip flexors were so tight at the end of it all last year it was uncomfortable to walk or sit!). I'm working on my headstand both to hold it unassisted (so close) and dead lift into it! I'd love to regain my shoulder mount (got it, lost it - oops); and the ever elusive handspring.

If you could train with any of your pole idols, who would it be and why?
Does Sarah Hill count? :) Amy Hazel and Maddie Sparkle are what my flexibility dreams are made of. But at the end of the day, there are so many people within the Pole Pressure family I look up to that while my Instagram is full of incredible dancers from all around the world, inspiration tends to be right next to me in class!

What motivates you to train?
I love fitness as a whole (and the way it makes me feel/sleep better/etc). I like training for an end goal (like APC), but being able to whip out moves in front of friends is actually one of my favorite things. I don't go to a standard gym that much these days, but I've been able to squat my little cousins (5, 7, and 9 years old) - they love it - and I can thank pole for that strength!