August 2019 Student of the Month: Candace


When did you start your pole journey?
My pole journey began on January 4, 2011. At the time, the Pole Pressure DC studio was located in a nearby gym. I took my first pole class from Crystal McLean.

Why did you decide to try pole dancing?
I was on the mend from surgery and happened to see an advertisement for classes through Groupon. I asked two friends for their opinion and both women said they heard pole was good exercise.

What do you love most about pole dancing?
Pole is fun, plus, it provides me with a sense of joy, satisfaction and well-being. There's always some challenging trick or new move to learn and conquer, it's always interesting and a wonderful way to get into and stay in shape!

Why do you love Pole Pressure?
People are very supportive, the instructors are really good, and it's a welcoming environment comprising a diverse group of people from all walks of life. I also enjoy taking workshops from visiting instructors and participating in events such as the annual pole-usical. Pole has helped me to grow as a person while providing an outlet for creativity.

What are some of your goals for this year?
My goals include conquering nemesis tricks like the traditional twisted grip handspring. Other goals include getting the machine gun/brass monkey combination and the Iron X as I continue to grow in the sport.

If you could train with any of your pole idols, who would it be and why?
There are several, but pole athlete Greta Pontarelli comes to mind immediately. Greta is over 65 and has won all kinds of awards in pole. She is truly an inspiration.

What motivates you to train?
Greater strength, flexibility, range of motion and body awareness are motivating factors. Body awareness in particular is important when upside down on a pole!