September 2019 Student of the Month: Cassandra


When did you start your pole journey?
September 2016

Why did you decide to try pole dancing?
I was going through a quarter-life crisis and was bored with all of my other workouts. I had taken a LivingSocial pole dancing class a few years before for my 25th birthday and I had the upper body strength to be able to do more of the moves. They had us doing some inverts, which in hindsight, was definitely a terrible idea for newbies.

What do you love most about pole dancing?
That it's a constant challenge. I've been active since college and have always made cardio and lifting part of my life routine, but I needed a new challenge to pursue. I went through a phase of doing a few triathlons but I got bored of those, too. Pole adds such a diversity of challenges to my outside-of-work life and lets me de-stress in a productive and active way. Pole has also had a really positive effect on my body image. I struggled with serious body image issues for many years and pole changed how I think and feel about my physical self. Instead of constantly finding things wrong with myself, I now feel confidence in the awesome things I can do with my body (and all the weird positions I can get myself into).

Why do you love Pole Pressure?
All of the teachers have their own style and motivate every single student in class to push themselves. I feel like I'm learning and training on a completely different level since I started coming to Pole Pressure.

What are some of your goals for this year?
To make more time to practice on my own so I can drill and reinforce what I'm learning in classes. Improving my handsprings on both sides. Practicing more consistently in heels/adding more exotic to my regular workout routine. And solidifying my leg hangs on both sides - I have to unlearn some bad habits with these! Ugh!

If you could train with any of your pole idols, who would it be and why?
Anna Kia. I love that she moves so powerfully but is also graceful and sassy at the same time.