1. Do not enter class more than 15 minutes after the scheduled start time. This is a safety issue, and we ask that you respect both our instructors and other students by showing up on time. No refunds are provided for late arrivals.  

  2. Remove all jewelry when attending any class. Wearing watches, rings, and necklaces during class will damage the equipment.

  3. Clean all equipment used during class (poles, hoops, and mats). This is a safety issue; our sport involves skin to skin contact please help us keep the studio clean.

  4. Do not apply excessive amounts of grip aids to the poles. Applying excessive amount of grip to the poles erodes the chrome finish and causes the pole to become more slippery.

  5. Ask the front desk/instructor to assist with taking down/putting up poles/hoops. This is a safety issue; our equipment can weigh in excess of 50 lbs and be over 11 ft in length we don’t want you to injury yourself or others.

  6. Ask the front desk/instructor to assist with putting poles on spin/static. This is a safety issue, one wrong adjustment can can damage the pole.

  7. All heels must have an ankle strap. This is a safety issue; no one wants to get hit in the head by a shoe that flies off someone’s foot.

  8. Limit cell phone use while in class. If you need to take a phone call or send a message please step outside of the class so that you don’t interrupt classroom instruction.

  9. Store all personal items in cubby storage. No large bags should be left on the studio floor. We have limited space in our studio, please do your best to keep the studio floor clear.

  10. No gum chewing.